For the last 63 years, FCA has been primarily working in the United States. In the last decade, however, we’ve begun to impact the other 96% of the world’s population around the globe through sports ministry. Each region in the US is aligned with a global region of the world to equip, resource, and support ministry in the sports world.  Sport transcends age, race, gender, economics, and even nationality.



James 5:16 tells us that “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”. It is a divine mystery that we cannot obligate God to do anything by our prayers, but that he chooses to work because of our prayers. What a miracle that we can influence what is going on in one of the darkest corners on earth by petitioning the Father on behalf of brothers and sisters. Please join with us in asking the Father to work in Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador.


Please consider a donation to help support our ministry to children and young adults in the Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador regions.


We offer a variety of sports mission opportunities for a coach, athlete or team so please join us as we seek to make an eternal impact in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Time can also be set aside for sightseeing and/or leisure activities.

Type of Camps:

  • Sports Camp: Sports Camps are for athletes who want to develop their athletic skills.
  • Coaches Clinic: Coaches providing clinical instruction to other coaches.
  • Team Competition Camp: Playing teams from the host country.
  • Community Transformation: Can include construction, evangelism, and church mission opportunities.

Typical Sports Mission Trip:
A typical sports mission trip is for 8 days. You would arrive on a Saturday and then leave the following Saturday.

Estimated Investment:
The average daily investment per individual is $100 – $150 plus airfare depending on the city.

We currently have camps available in Colombia and Ecuador. The investment includes, hotel, meals, and transportation. For more information contact James Oilar at joilar@fca.org