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If you look closely, even my camel was on COVID-19 Alert . It has been 10 days since I have returned from Dubai, so I still have 4 days left of self-quarantine. No, I do not have the coronavirus, but we are taking precautions. We had over 140 leaders from 45 different countries and we did NOT practice social distancing. However, I wanted to share with you that as we navigate these unchartered waters together, we know that the Lord is with us and he continues to open doors to new ministry but first, I want to take a step back and give some perspective.

There is nothing that has impacted the sports world like this. One by one the NCAA, NBA, MLB, basically sports at every level has been cancelled outright or suspended. Seniors in High School were born during 9-11 and graduate with COVID-19. All these coaches and athletes are now sitting at home and we have a tremendous opportunity to share the hope of Jesus Christ. To that end, we have created FCA Virtual and we continue to minister to coaches and athletes. I’m so thankful that, at times like these, we can find peace, hope and even joy in Christ, knowing that nothing has escaped His knowledge or sovereignty. And, even better, nothing can happen that doesn’t pass through His filter of love for us.

On behalf of all the lives touched in these communities, our FCA Staff, and myself, thank you for the confidence you have put in us! Your prayers and financial support are a true blessing and make a significant impact. Be blessed!