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When you know what your gifts and talents are and they are aligned with God’s purpose for your life then “ain’t no stoppin’ ya.” That’s Ruben. Ever since Ruben moved to Riobamba, Ecuador from Cali, Colombia his goal has been to train and place 101 FCA Chaplains to serve existing sports teams in the community and I believe he can do it.  Wiser now after having served as our FCA Community Ministry Director in Cali for 3 years, Ruben knows that he needs to grow the number of Chaplains in increments of 10-20 at a time.

Now that the first group of 20 is equipped and serving his next training group will be in December. Please pray for Ruben and the rest of our FCA Riobamba Team, Gustavo and Franklin as well as our Volunteer Chaplains. 101 Chaplains can easily reach a minimum of 4,000 athletes on a weekly basis. Those are real numbers. If you would like to support the ministry in Ecuador please click here.

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