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Chances are, especially if you are from the Midwest or South you’ve heard the expression: “He’s gotten too big for his britches” i.e. his ego has gotten so big he can’t fit in his pants.” Over the years I have met several players like that but not Raver. This little guy stole everyone’s heart at our latest baseball camp in Cartagena, His infectious smile, skill level, and desire to play the game had us all talking about him. But what we loved most about him was that he was “coachable.”

In the Bible, there are numerous examples of how obedience to His commands leads to blessings and rewards. When it comes to following Jesus Christ, we are blessed with an infallible coach who only commands what is best for us.  Still we struggle with being receptive to God’s revelation and committed to obeying His instructions. Luke 11:28 says: “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.” That’s both a serious warning for those who are hearers only and a tremendous promise for those who both receive and implement God’s word.

A special thank you to Richard, Thom and Bear for obeying the command to GO making our Baseball Camp a HUGE success.