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Where is God taking you? We recently challenged over 200 coaches from Cali, Colombia with this and other what we call, “X-Ray” questions. Not all coaches enjoy being challenged spiritually. The status quo is more safe and secure in their eyes, but the seeds were planted. Either you have God first in your life or you have a God replacement i.e.

Do you have a worship disorder? The overall response was one of our most successful seminars to date. Out of the 200 plus coaches 68 of them immediately made the  decision to continue discipleship with us. The other 130 plus expressed a desire to attend our next 3-Dimensional Seminar and other tools to help them become a better coach. On average, each coach trains 84 athletes just through Deporvida. If just the 68 coaches continue with FCA, that will mean that 5,712 athletes will hear the Gospel.