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A pastor once told me that over 70% of our ministry efforts will fail. When you hear that statistic, it doesn’t sound very encouraging unless you put it into baseball terms: i.e. batting .300. As a ministry we have no control of how a non-believer will respond to God’s invitation. Some of our efforts are “eaten by birds,” some fall on rocky soil, and some fall amongst the weeds. But the good news is that some “fall” on fertile soil and grow, mature and multiply.

That’s why we celebrate when coaches and athletes accept Jesus Christ, follow in believers baptism and complete one year of discipleship. So please join me in celebrating the baptisms of Jerson, Jefferson, Maiker, Cesar, Jesus, Axen, Carlos, Vianger, Luis, and Yefri. I have heard each of their testimonies and they inspire me. I can’t imagine having to overcome the non-stop adversity that is their life and staying strong in the faith. Please pray for these young men as they continue to grow and mature spiritually and hopefully…. Lead others to the same saving grace that can only be found in Jesus.

On behalf of all the lives touched in this community, our FCA Colombia-Venezuela Staff, and myself, thank you for the confidence you have put in us!  Your prayers and financial support are a true blessing and make a significant impact.  Be blessed!