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One of the highlights of my day is when I receive a phone call from our athletes while they are in English Class. Some of them are progressing quickly and I can hear the hope and joy in their voice as they are growing and learning something new. While providing English Classes is not something that we can provide for all our athletes, it is a goal.

That is why we are trying to start a:  Sponsor An Athlete campaign. For $149 per year we can provide an athlete the opportunity to be part of one of our teams, put a Bible in their hands, discipleship, and learn a skill (English) that and regular English classes that will serve them the rest of their lives. As you can probably guess, we have hundred’s of athletes that need sponsors. If you would like to give them that gift please click here and make a donation for exactly $149 dollars.

All sponsors will receive quarterly updates from the athlete.   Please be in prayer that all “the little children” will soon have sponsors.