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While I would love to be able to solve the economic and food shortage in Venezuela that is being caused by the Government and Military,  for now we can only model “Love In Action.” Love in Action is for the parents and family members of athletes we serve in the Cinco de Julio (July 5th) area of Valle de La Pascua. This area is/was the most dangerous area in the entire city. Gangs, prostitution, murders, you name it… it happened there. These monthly Love in Action “meals” are well attended and give us the opportunity to break bread  and read the Word of God.

Many of these family members have now accepted Christ and have left their former way of life and are now interested in planting an FCA church in the area. This is a tremendous testimony of God’s power and love to transform communities and it all started with one courageous step of faith by FCA Staff Member Gustavo and a soccer ball.