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“0 for” is term that we use in the sports world to indicate that we haven’t won a game. 0 for 1, 0 for 2, 0 for 3 and so on. Well I am sad to report that we are “0 for” 2 against Hurricanes. Due to Hurricane Harvey, which flooded Houston and Hurricane Irma in Florida, we had to cancel 2 important fund-raisers to go towards our baseball ministry. But there is a bright side. The Manny Ramirez; 12 time MLB All Star and World Series Winner has agreed to be our Guest Speaker for a new Fund-raiser that we will hold in Weston, Florida where he currently lives. Please pray for this event.

On behalf of the all the lives touched in this community, our FCA Venezuela Staff, and myself, thank you for the confidence you have put in us!  Your prayers and financial support are a true blessing and make a significant impact.  You are providing local coaches and athletes with the resources needed to share Christ’s love with their peers, teammates and friends.  Be blessed!